Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why are you crying...

I was doing some preparations for an event when I saw my eldest son looking somehow lonely. I left what I'm doing and headed his way. I haven't reached him but tears started to fall. He is eleven years old turning twelve. "Why are you crying?" was my inquiry. I got used to his crying when his 9 year old brother would tease him and he couldn't retaliate. "My best friend said I am not her best friend anymore" his reply and sobs like his favorite pet went out of this world. Seldom do we see kids cry over things unseen, we know that whenever they cry its either they loose something or a toy is broken.

Tears means a lot. I remember telling an old friend that I cant stand seeing her cry. I dont want to see anyone crying because pain sends a signal of stress and helplessness to which I am having a real hard time replying.

Why does crying bothers me so much, when I know its somehow a sense of release for the one who is crying?  I have been to a lot of crying. For two years, it has been my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Tears has been the very reason for my existence and I cant help but cry all the time.

My mother at times would ask me to stop, but when she knows I cant, so, she would just hug me and cry with me. Her presence brings care beyond words can utter. Its when she's side with side with me that I know someone is rallying me to the finish line of crying. well, they say life is a race, there are different stages and crying perhaps is one of those.

Crying maybe a sense of release but when extended beyond a seemingly so long a time, it is not helping the one who cries. For me I realized its selfishness. I somehow explained it as "I dont want to see you crying", but the truth is I want to own all the rights in the world for crying. No one should cry but me.

Do you know of someone who is crying now? Please, dont just stare. Lend a shoulder, an ear and a heart
let them know that there are those who are willing and available to share a comfort they long to have.

Are you in deep pain? Yes, I am talking to you. I am listening. 


  1. ka cute ni Bryan! girl diay ang bestfriend? mura gyd cgro cya na heartbroken..hehehe!

    1. hahaha
      maung naghuna-huna kog "bestfriend"
      ba 'ta or onsa na...