Monday, December 31, 2012

Thanks 2012! Excited for 2013!

2012 has been a blessed year indeed! We visited Thailand and Malaysia and spent time with people who don't just loved us but has been God's vessel of blessings to us.

In Hat-Yai, Thailand, a family welcomed us with open arms. We felt like were home and indeed we are. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I told my boys to prepare for a night at the train station for we haven't got a hotel but, God in His wisdom provided us a great place to stay with people who considered us as family.

By the way, I have been so encouraged by our trip that am planning to blog our planned travels this 2013. So, stay tuned and we hope and pray that you will also desire and plan to travel with the whole family. I am planning to add suggestions especially for budget worthy travels.

And to everyone taking time to read this blog, thanks so much!

My memories of 2012 will always be a part of my thanks to the Almighty.

2013 prepare for we are to conquer what God has placed before us!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yummy Sunday: Egg Tart and Sundae

This is Thailand KFC"s Egg tart and Sundae. I really enjoy every piece and how I wish they can have a Filipino version of this sumptuous delicacy. This is my first entry to Yummy Sunday and hopefully there will be more to come!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why are you crying...

I was doing some preparations for an event when I saw my eldest son looking somehow lonely. I left what I'm doing and headed his way. I haven't reached him but tears started to fall. He is eleven years old turning twelve. "Why are you crying?" was my inquiry. I got used to his crying when his 9 year old brother would tease him and he couldn't retaliate. "My best friend said I am not her best friend anymore" his reply and sobs like his favorite pet went out of this world. Seldom do we see kids cry over things unseen, we know that whenever they cry its either they loose something or a toy is broken.

Tears means a lot. I remember telling an old friend that I cant stand seeing her cry. I dont want to see anyone crying because pain sends a signal of stress and helplessness to which I am having a real hard time replying.

Why does crying bothers me so much, when I know its somehow a sense of release for the one who is crying?  I have been to a lot of crying. For two years, it has been my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Tears has been the very reason for my existence and I cant help but cry all the time.

My mother at times would ask me to stop, but when she knows I cant, so, she would just hug me and cry with me. Her presence brings care beyond words can utter. Its when she's side with side with me that I know someone is rallying me to the finish line of crying. well, they say life is a race, there are different stages and crying perhaps is one of those.

Crying maybe a sense of release but when extended beyond a seemingly so long a time, it is not helping the one who cries. For me I realized its selfishness. I somehow explained it as "I dont want to see you crying", but the truth is I want to own all the rights in the world for crying. No one should cry but me.

Do you know of someone who is crying now? Please, dont just stare. Lend a shoulder, an ear and a heart
let them know that there are those who are willing and available to share a comfort they long to have.

Are you in deep pain? Yes, I am talking to you. I am listening. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Honesty at its finest

Honesty is such a lonely word
everyone is so untrue...

This songs always comes into mind especially when we are mending broken-hearts and we feel that people doesn't deserve our trust.

Well in the Philippines its not always true. Just recently a Filipino driver returned a bag of a foreigner with at least 2000 euros.

Mang Jaime is a just one of the many reason why we can truly say we are blessed as a people. In-spite of his  being in dire need of finance, he doesn't showed any regret in returning what is not his. I always admire peoples honesty, especially in trying times when giving in to the sweet temptation is seemingly the only choice left.

It is always encouraging to note those who have submitted themselves to the discipline of honesty, so, to us Filipinos honesty is not a lonely word, rather with us, living a life of honesty is but always true.   

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Suggestion: Rejoice in the midst of Failures and rejections.

"...we are no longer considering you for the position."

These words rang a bell inside of me. No, its not the first time that I have experienced to be turned down for a job I thought I deserved.

It was in 2003 when I applied to be a call center agent, I passed the initial interview then I took the exams.
I have at least three sets of exam which to me is not easy, but thank God I passed it. I was handed a phone where the person on the other line said "This is an international call, please be guided that you will be charged in making this call..." After which I was asked to return for the final interview.

I waited for at least two hours from what they scheduled as the 11:00am interview. The lady confirmed all that was written on my resume and asked if I am willing to start right away. I told her that I am indeed ready to start right away but I told her that I only had a year in college to which I asked for consideration since I passed all the exams. She said "No" and so I left the building.

I have been turned down countless times and its not new to me. Am I going to state here my angst about the company? No, definitely not. I have nothing against those who turned me down for a simple reason that I got used to it.

I graduated from college, March 23, 2010. I took the board exams to be a licensed teacher. I thought I have all the reasons in the world to pass the exams, I spent sometime praying which I thought was enough to bribe God. I failed. Surely, I was devastated. I asked all kinds of questions imaginable even unimaginable. But let me share with you how in the midst of all of these, I am somehow happy. Because, an honor student from my batch also didn't make it, same with three of my classmates who were supposed to be at the top of the class. So, I belong to the horror roll.

It pains me whenever I learned that someone I know or even those I dont know fail. I cant help but feel their pain. I dont know if this is the result of my own failures, which I hope is not, but then I know of the path they are trudging.

Now I know why I am here. For those who failed, I know what failure is. For those who were rejected, I've been there. I am not proud, but I am here. If anyone needs a shoulder to cry on, borrow mine its free.

Are you under great pressure or even critical degree of failure? Rejoice! For it is not the last time someone will fall or be rejected, no, dont rejoice because there will be those who will follow your footsteps. Rather rejoice for you are destined to comfort those who may experience the same as what you have experienced.   

Saturday, August 18, 2012


It has been sometime since I have lent a hand to someone who is in deep need. And when I assists people out of their difficulty it somehow sends a great sense of purpose. I am living not just for me, I am living for the very purpose God created me and He designed me to help others.

The recent weather disturbance caused by the "Habagat" opened our understanding to diverse weather movements unknown to us. Due to its strange yet strong movement it caused a P2.26 billion damage to infrastructure and agriculture. 95 people died and causing 41 cities and municipalities to be under the state of calamity.

As people called to a higher purpose, we need to lend a hand to those who are in need. Far East Broadcasting Company is doing its share in enabling itself as a channel of mercy and grace. Bayanihan para sa Luzon is a project for those who are in need. You can extend help by visiting their site and somehow send a pat on the back for every brother who needs encouragement.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Change is said to be the only surest thing in life. Whoever, whatever and even time changes. But whenever we experience it we somehow threatens us, thus, creating fear.

Marimar brought this fear and even defeat to the Philippine giants in broadcasting in 1996. ABS-CBN 2 and GMA 7 who enjoyed the limelight were sent somewhere down the road. Their programming geniuses cant find reasons to give their CEO's for the low rating they have had while the tagalized series enjoyed an average of 61.7% viewership.  

I don't approve of English films and the likes translated to Filipino. As a child I have enjoyed Sesame Street and cartoon shows in English. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my native language, but as a child I cant comprehend how an American man can speak Filipino fluently while the movement of his lips doesn't go well with the sounds. 

I was in Cebu then, inside a passenger utility jeepney, a mother rushes her child saying "pag dali! ayaw pag dugay kay magsugod na unya ang Marimar!"(Hurry! Marimar will start anytime now!) This brought me giggling. But I got curious about what Marimar was. As I reached home I turned on the TV and started hurrying home for the series.

Yes, Marimar changed me. I am changed. 

Far East Broadcasting Company Philippines has been broadcasting for the last 64 years empowered to be a channel of God's blessing to His disciples. Its AM band, 702 DZAS managed to be with the top 5 stations in mega manila. Now, everyone can listen to DZAS anytime, anywhere through its online portal.  

From being a discipler(one who disciples), DZAS now faces the challenge to be Gods voice for missions, as it accepts the torch towards winning the lost for Christ. A change those who got used to Papuri music can't help but recognize. As FEBC Philippines transferred to its new home in Ortigas, it also opened its wings to a new height of service not only to believers but also to whose who seek Christ. Let us take part in bringing the message of change, let us pray and just like FEBC Philippines, be empowered to bring Christ to the world.    

Change is sure not easy, but with the right ingredients at the right time, who knows perhaps the radio counterpart of Marimar has just get out of the pupa.