Wednesday, April 27, 2011

No goodbye!

We have had an unexpected treat. Honestly, we are scheduled to have dinner with one of our student, a restaurant in a hotel, which is owned by their family. We had a tummy-full of good food. Different Halal foods were served which suits everyones taste.

We were also allowed to sing songs at the karaoke which is connected with the lights and their stage. a couple of my friends took the once in a lifetime opportunity to sing at stage. We really enjoyed it.

That's not all, we were allowed to dipped unto the swimming pool with hot waters. Oh so good, we thank The Lord over and over for not just blessing us with so great dinner but also with relaxation which our body needs.

We were about to leave and we said goodbye to our student who invited us over. We said good bye, she replied "no goodbye!" perhaps she doesn't mean it for we are used to hearing such words from her. But we are ending our class, we are having our graduation and we are leaving for the Philippines. No goodbye, a word that continuously runs through my mind. And yes, I answered we may be world apart but still "no goodbye".

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Monday, April 18, 2011

my precious possessions

They have been my most precious possession. But after learing of AJ Perez's death I realised that I dont own them. They belong to God alone. He is their Owner thus they are destined after His will. As of the moment I dont know where He wants them to go, but I trust they are under His special care
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

dream come true

being apart is not part of any couples dream,
but being together again is  
a dream come true.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The power of The Word

We all speak in different manner. I mean even the physically challenged people can communicate in ways known to them. I started with these words because I have recent realizations of the words we say and those that we hear.

Whenever one receives a word of encouragement, one is strengthened. With words a man can make a woman fall in love. I remember the times when I spent seven hours a day, from 10 in the evening till 5 in the morning, with the one I so adore. She said she cant find the reason why she loved me. Let me make a wild guess, perhaps its because most of the time when she's awake she hears me, thus making her feel so important.

Whenever I thank a person for anything I know is worth the thanks, a feeling of happiness overcomes me. You see when we send a word to lift others its just like showering yourself with cold waters in the midst of burning sun.

No longer single.

Yes, I claim that I am no longer single like what I used to claimed. Being single is not a choice, it is one's state of being and according to the prevailing rules of the Philippine Republic regardless of my distance from the Philippine territory, I am married to no other than my wife.

I had been struggling for quite sometime, especially when I am asked as to where my wife is. I usually turn pale. Well, I can literally experience how it is to grasp for breath. Its not that I am afraid to say that she is not with me at the moment, its just that I dont know how to explain the next possible series of question which may later satisfy the person inquiring.

I have trained myself to be so polite leaving me breathless and colorless. After a season of realization, I have wholeheartedly claim and therefore present my self as a married man, though you will not see me wearing a ring for that is my next blog topic.

I claim so I am.  

Friday, April 1, 2011


Forgiveness can be offered even if it is not asked, but one should consider it priceless. One doesn't always get forgiven when one asks for repentance.

I am forgiven. And I believe I ought to forgive. 

Our idea of forgiveness is tainted by our belief that it should be asked. We were taught that no one receives it, if one doesn't asks for it.

Repentance is another thing. If the sinner acknowledge his sin and asks forgiveness that I think is better. But if not, forgiveness is freedom for the one who releases it.

I carried a heavy burden for so long. Now, I realized that I am carrying something not fit for a weak person like me. Thus I am giving it up.
I choose to forgive for I know I am also forgiven.

Try not to carry a so heavy burden. Free yourself. Forgive.